Let's for now, just state the obvious bits, because that's what the 'about' page is for right?!

AGE: I'm 30... that milestone got crossed in November 2016.

MARITAL STATUS: I'm married to a girl, and have been married to my wonderful wife, since May 2015.

LOCATION: I live in the ever so beautiful county of Cheshire, blessed with many a nice nook and cranny, however, I reside in the not-so-happening town of Northwich. Northwich has all the makings of a wonderful English market town Cheshire, but unfortunately it isn't some hidden treasure of a town, but IT IS a very handy base for lots of wonderful places.

WORK: My wife and I own and work together in our very own cafe, fairly close to home, in the town of Middlewich, some five miles south of Northwich... Northwich, Middlewich, but no Southwich exists, maybe there used to be one?!

We have owned our cafe for four years now, and poured our hearts into our business the whole time. We are very proud to be running a steady little cafe business and I am thankful that I love what I do.

KIDS: None. 

PETS: None, although two of the neighbourhood cats think they live here.