The Template for a Great Day Off

I have not worked in an office for over four years now, but I did squeeze in a little over three years worth of office working, Monday to Friday, 9-5 style, between graduating from university and quitting it all to own a cafe. What I remember doing a lot of with my work colleagues back in my office days was discussing the weekends. This may not be the same now, or it may have just been me and my particular co-workers, but I have a very clear memory of having the same types of conversations, with people from around the offices, and even across the different places of work I held in that time.

Monday to Tuesday would be full of discussion of "what did you get up to at the weekend?" in amongst some work chat as well, because, I did do some work!

Then Wednesday to Thursday was filled with "what are you doing this coming weekend?" chat... and Friday was just a lot of sighing, or excitement for some fun big plans, or too tired after a shit week to contemplate dragging self out for the weekend and all said and discussed plans being cancelled.

This is a very crude summation, but honestly, though taking part in these discussions on repeat myself, I don't remember being bored by the same chat, it's just what we did, and chatted about, beyond work topics.

Can any office based workers care to confirm if this still happens?

Anyway, HUGE digression aside, my chat about weekends now is fairly non-existent. Obviously working with just one person the majority of the time, who just so happens to be my wife, is the prime reason. We both know what we're planning to do or not do, so it doesn't really need much discussion. And if we do discuss what we're planning it's so interspersed throughout our 24 hours a day together it's not noticeable in a work environment.

I think my weekend mentality is also changed now as I treat weekends a little different. Whether that's an age thing or me just loosening up; I'm not in my early twenties anymore and out OUT every Saturday night now and I don't feel the need to make plans for every waking moment away from work. Now, don't be fooled, I'll always enjoy having some organised plans, near or far from home, but I do also really like just having an easy few days off from work to indulge in things I want and like to do.

A few Sundays ago we had a totally empty day off, void of any plans, commitments or pending chores. I woke knowing I could have a mentality to stay under my duvet all day if I liked... which I didn't, obviously, but I could have, and that's a feeling worth bottling!

So my template for a great day off goes something like the unplanned plan below, as by the end of that Sunday I knew I had nailed ultimate low-key no-plans Sunday success.

Wake slowly, without an alarm, read something you want to be it blogs or a book, or papers if that's your thing, and most importantly drink tea in bed; ultimate weekend cliche but so good. I wake fairly early naturally so I get to indulge in this part for a while without feeling the need to rush up and get on with my day off.

Now that I live in jeans, t-shirts and trainers during the week for work this next point is crucial for me, but may be a total chore for others... get dressed up in your *insert day here* best. I like to get something I love out to wear, and get all the make up I can on my face, as I keep it so minimal the rest of the week. 

Now it's time to head out for breakfast. I never used to get going out for breakfast, as opposed to lunch and dinner, but now that I make breakfast for my customers five days a week I totally want to start my day off by not cooking or washing up. Depending on your options, I like to keep it fairly local so there's not a long drive/walk/train ride to start the day and my choice is always a little independent cafe, obviously. I like to take my time, eat slowly, and catch up on writing my diary. Then if I want second drinks, or breakfast pudding, I go for it! 

Dressed, caffeinated, fed and out the house... now go somewhere new! Be it a tourist attraction or a town, or a bit of countryside or park; go somewhere new, even if it's just for a few hours! Make it far enough that there's a journey, even just a half hour drive, but not so far away that there's a huge lug in the car.

The other Sunday we took ourselves off to Macclesfield for the afternoon to swan about Arighi Bianci, lusting after all the gorgeous interiors. The place is enormous and we were on go slow Sunday mode so ambled about whilst it drizzled away outside. 

A few hours passed, treat yourself to something delicious! We headed to the cafe on the top floor in Arighi for a ginormous slab of cake and tea. Cake stops might seem over the top after being out for breakfast, but who cares, it's Sunday!

Fulfilled with new places to the eyes, start heading home... but if that spontaneous stop on the way home takes your fancy... do it! Stop! We drove home from Macclesfield, and the road took us past our favourite pub. So we stopped! I had a pint, or three; Gem obviously didn't as she was driving. We chatted with the staff as we know them by name now as we pop there so often, and whiled away an hour flicking through their great magazine stash. We finished a wonderful day by having some starter nibbles for tea at the pub, before finally departing and going home.

A very happy Sunday had, I will be replicating this template many a time when there are no fixed plans for the day. 

Anyone feel this template would work for them? Or get any great advice to share my way to improve this template even more?