This post isn't a proper DIY guide "HOW TO" of the right way to paint floorboards, it's more of a  pep talk style "don't be afraid to have a go" type thing, with the very basic outline of how I changed up the flooring in our dressing room! 

Oh, and when I say "dressing room", I'm not being mega grand, I in fact mean our spare room - our second bedroom, which we call our dressing room as we do all our getting ready/dressing in there!

Earlier this year we decided to finally get round to getting new carpets through our home, following a tonne of building work we did back in late 2014 which basically wore down the bit of life that was left in the previous carpets. We don't live in a big house, and it's only the living room, stairs, landing and dressing room that are carpeted. 

We got a well reputed local carpet business in to quote, and whilst the fitter was here measuring I asked if he thought we may have floorboards in our upstairs dressing room, as our bedroom, at the front of the house has beautiful old floorboards. He didn't know, and said the only way to find out was to take some up... now as we were planning on fitting new carpets anyway it seemed a good plan and I didn't mind pulling up some of the carpet as it was.

And, amazingly, the joy of living in an old characterful house paid off in a positive way for once, and it turned out that our dressing room, also has original old floorboards!

The carpet fitter took measurements and we said we'd be in touch re carpets, but we inevitably decided against recarpeting the dressing room and instead just bought new carpet for the stairs and living room.

Now, we don't really have a particular home style. We have some lovely old bits of sturdy furniture around the house and we have some rustic modern bits. But, our dressing room, is IKEA through and through. I am an Ikea fan, but not obsessively, though it just happened that all the furniture we wanted/needed in our dressing was taken care of brilliantly by Ikea's effortless Swedish designs. 

The room is a deep blue, with white furntiure, and after much deliberation we decided to paint the floor white rather than in natural tones. I am so so pleased with the results!

So, without further discussion, let me share with you some photos of the before stages! 


Spare room, dressing room, floor BEFORE.jpg


Spare room, dressing room, floor, carpet up, BEFORE.jpg
Spare room, dressing room, floor, carpet up 2, BEFORE.jpg
Spare room, dressing room, floor, carpet up 3, BEFORE.jpg

You can see from the photos the state of the boards we uncovered. They were patchy with old varnish, and had old paint splashes all over. There were also some gappy sections and some nails sticking out a bit too far. 

Now, I am no DIY-er. AT ALL. I think I used to like the idea of it, but frankly, now, I'd rather ask someone else to get involved as it really does not float my boat. With that said, I knew we were capable of dealing with this floor, and after reading a few online tutorials, and reading up about best ways to have a go, I figured me and Gem would have a go at getting  it done.

Spare room, dressing room, floor, carpet up close up, BEFORE.jpg


1. Clear the room; which was close to the hardest part of the whole task. Anyone else ever tried to move the Ikea Hemnes day bed will get what I mean!

2. Remove all the old carpet and grippers. Be very careful with those spiky little bastard strips!

3. Scrape back any big adhesive patches left from previous carpet.

4. Fix any problem areas. We nailed down a few loose boards, removed some awkward nails, and, though we did think about filling some of the bigger gaps, we actually decided against it in the end and just left them.

4. Prep the floor. We did not go to town with prepping the floor, and so far the floor is holding up! We manually sanded back the floor, without so much as an electric sander, and probably because it was all pure elbow grease, we did not go so far as uncovering bare wood, but more just likely removed the first layer of grime.

5. Hoover and mop. Let it dry.

6. Hoover and mop. Let it dry... I did this process twice, but probably could have kept going for days.

7. Apply floor paint primer. I wasn't sure if this was going to be a pointless step, but after reading the instructions on the primer, I felt my lack of heavy prep/sanding back, would be remedied by a layer of primer. The tenner spent on primer, and the relatively easy, big brush application, equated to a few less hours of dust inhalation/sore wrists so it was a good decision for me.

8. Paint the floor - coat one! The actual painting was by far the easiest part of the process for me. It might have been because we splashed out on buying the floor paint that came with a very useful sponge applicator on a stick thing though! We used the Ronseal Perfect Finish Diamond Hard Floor Paint in white, and we bought the rectangle tub that came with the Perfect Finish Floor Pad applicator. Spend the fiver extra and you willl be rewarded with easy, fast, neat application! 

8. Once the first coat has dried, give it another coat, then leave to fully dry hard  for a couple of days. We only moved the furniture back in after a few days as we didn't want to put scuffs on it. 


Spare room, dressing room, white floorboards, AFTER.jpg
Spare room, dressing room, dressing table closer, AFTER.jpg
Spare room, dressing room, wall print, AFTER.jpg
Spare room, dressing room, dressing table, AFTER.jpg

I am still so so pleased with the results! The white is so bright and clean, and so far there are no scuffs or damage to the paintwork we carried out. 

We have added a big rug to the room since which makes it a little warmer too, but still keeps lots of the lovely white boards exposed.

The only one thing that is a little frustrating is they obviously show up hair easily, and this is the room both of us dry our hair and we are both brunettes... yep, so it sometimes shows more than I wish, but that's what hoovers/brushes are for!

You can be assured of my honesty in this task not being too heavy duty or onerous, as we also uncovered floorboards laid on our upstairs long thin landing and painted those too in the end, right after we'd finished up in our dressing room!

Have you ever done any DIY projects you thought would be much harder than they were? Are you a DIY fan, or like me, do you call in someone else whenever possible?