If you've been following my blog this month whilst I've been posting daily as part of my "Project September", you'll have already read my post highlighting my love of the beauty world.  

Now, there are some beauty practises that may make more dramatic differences, or some that offer increased health benefits as an extra... however, so far, these six practises definitely rank as my personal faves.

Balm cleanser and face mask.jpg

Using a thick balm cleanser

...and then using a really HOT, clean flannel to wipe it off, slowly, multiple times.

Good body scrub and moisturise

I have been, and always will be, a consistent body moisturiser. I don't feel *right* in my skin if I just shower and dry. However, whilst a more thorough in-shower body scrubbing, followed by heavy duty moisturising is more time consuming, I try to follow this practise once a week. 

Acid exfoliating

Give me Alpha-H Liquid Gold, The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution, Pixi Glow Tonic, or simple Nip+Fab Extreme Pads (always on offer and easy to find at Superdrug or Boots!) I love using an acid exfoliant/treatment on my skin. 

Face mask.jpg

Using a face mask (or two, or three!)

Face masks used to feel gimmicky, however I now love applying a mask once a week; time permitting I try to apply one after showering after my final shift of the week, before easing into weekend mode. I like to use simple clay ones, rich creamy ones, and acid based ones, depending on how my skin is feeling. I thoroughly cleanse my face first, then mask up. Recently I've been enjoying doubling them up to take a simple at home face mask moment into spa facial vibe.

Trimming my nails

Clean, trimmed nails - is there nothing simpler and nicer to do for yourself. Admittedly I have naughty phases of having bitten nails sometimes, but that is something that is overcome buy keeping up with this simple, but very effective, beauty practise!

Cleaning my teeth

This may sound super simple, and boring to boot, but I soooo enjoy cleaning my teeth, and cannot function in the morning until I've spent two minutes with my brush in my mouth.

Any super simple, effective, or fun beauty practises you love? I'm thinking of trying oil pulling - anyone else had a go??