This weekend just gone the temperatures felt a little more autumnal, and the on-off rain only aided the sensation that summer was/has departed!

With cooler temps, and a very relaxed weekend at home on the cards, it gave me the first opportunity to wear a little top I randomly picked up in the M & S sale of all places - I'm writing this with surprise expressed as I loyally by underwear from M & S, and have purchased a great pair of jeans there once, but have rarely looked into there other clothing ranges.

The top in question... a lovely thick cotton, midi-fluted sleeve, black and white striped top. Warmer material for a simple top, but not so far as wearing a jumper.

I wore it twice but in a different outfit set up; admittedly though the shoes and necklace are also still the same, but the shoe choice is due to sticking solely with one option in that awkward not sandals/not boots section of my wardrobe, and black ballet flats are my absolute go-to.


Stripes and pleats, on me, what a surprise! I posted about this style combo being a fave of mine before!

This monochrome top didn't actually look quite right with a black midi, so I added some colour with a lovely orange-red midi. The longer length skirt kept me tights free, and it was a very simple outfit, but great for my breakfast out on Sunday morning.

One striped top, wear two ways 1.jpg
One striped top, wear two ways 2.jpg
One striped top, wear two ways 3.jpg


This top has very jazzy sleeves that are never going to sit in a layered up outfit much... however, this very old little black dress of mine, has no sleeves and combined perfectly when layered with this bell sleeve top!

I added tights here, because gone are my no-tight-above-knee-skirt wearing days, but you know, I don't mind wearing tights actually, I love the cosiness of them come this time of year!

One striped top, wear two ways 4.jpg
One striped top, wear two ways 5.jpg
One striped top, wear two ways 6.jpg

Do you enjoy wearing different items in multiple ways?

I REALLY do! I like knowing I can mix and max my clothes fairly fluidly, and it's something I'm definitely trying to do more of!