Earlier this summer I slowly read through The Curated Closet book by Anuschka Rees. I haven't read something fashion or style focused before in book format, and I really enjoyed it. I may write more on my feelings for this book at another time... but, for now I'll just say, that the number one thing that arose from reading this was the idea to research and delve into outfit inspo right here at my fingertips.


I've never really specifically sought style inspiration before, maybe thinking that that wasn't the thing to do. I'd never set down to search through pinterest, or my fave bloggers, and literally pin and create boards of outfits that I loved. You know, those outfits you think yep I love that, I can make that happen; though I totally think I do subconsciously do this, but never have I sought to search without restraint, and maybe use that as a start point to style something new on myself.

Anyway, I'll come back another time in more detail to The Curated Closet, but what I know it immediately has done for me, is open my mind to trying new looks, because I am simply attracted to them. Through my research and fashion open-mindedness trawl of pinterest, I discovered there were some "looks" I was attracted to again and again, yet, never in a shop, or when ordering online, had I tried on certain items that apparently my fingers were so keen to hit the "pin it" button on.

One such outfit, I seemingly love and pinned in numerous instances was that of the maxi skirt.

Now I wear a lotta skirts. A lot of *midi* skirts. Maxi wise; in my life I think I've owned two maxi dresses, neither of which have been with me in the last few years, and one maxi skirt, and that also is no longer with me.

But what Rees' book sets out to inspire you to do, along with a whole host of other chapters and advice etc, is to give an outfit a try! She pushes you to try to recreate something you're clearly attracted to, and then see if that look, which aesthetically must appeal to your eye, is something you can recreate and work into your own wardrobe (I've got to use the word wardrobe, as I own such a piece of furniture, and I would never refer to it as a closet).


I pinned these looks, they appeal to my eye, to my style. I love the looks... The simple black tops with full maxi block colour skirts. Black maxi pleats, the maxi tulle... Yep, I really do love the outfit style. 

[all images sourced from Pinterest]

[all images sourced from Pinterest]

And, following some vague ideas manifesting from the Curated Closet book, I set off to seek this look on myself, with zero intention to purchase unless I found something I loved!

I hit up some shops on a Trafford Centre visit to pretty much no avail. So, I set about a big asos shop and ordered a number of maxi skirts to try in the comfort of my own home. 

But sadly, my experiment into maxi skirts is a no starter. Let me share with you my basic phone camera mirror selfies.

FLoral maxi.jpg
White tulle.jpg
Navy tulle.jpg
Black Pleats.jpg
Really long white tulle.jpg


There is no one definitive reason that none of the above were keepers. But, I think for me, maxi skirts are just a little too much material for me. They were a little too warm, or too long on my fairly normal height frame, and the type I'm mainly attracted too, are just a bit too princess-y for wearing in enough circumstances in my normal routines to justify taking up space in my wardrobe...

Also, the fact that when I sashayed from our dressing room to our bedroom to show Gemma one of them that I was trying on, I went arse over tit sliding over the material, was just the icing on the decision cake if you like...


I enjoyed experimenting with an item I never knew I was so attracted to, but on this occasion I think I'm fine to say this is one such look I'm not going to wear myself and will instead enjoy looking at on others.

The pencil leather skirt lust however, is still raging, and that is certainly an autumn piece of clothing I would like to purchase for myself!

Have you read The Curated Closet book? Did you enjoy it? Or, have you like me ever flippantly experimented with a look you love on others but had to shelve the idea of wearing yourself?